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The Complete Shopify Guide In Setting Up A Store


Shopify is a amazing platform where you can create your own websites to blog, start an online business or dropship! Shopify is a notch above other e-commerce websites due to its amazing plug-ins that integrates everything smoothly, making it beginner-friendly and easy to use.
This E-book provides an in depth explanation that covers every single setting in your shopify store. 
  • Step-By-Step guide to create your store from scratch.
  • Product Research Tools to help you search for high demand products that are selling.
  • Detailed Explanation of all the settings in your store.
  • Template to create the best converting one poduct store.
  • Expert Advice to avoid the mistakes made when I started out.
  • Marketing Platforms to use after you're done with your store.

Pages 133/133

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