Jul 03 , 2019

How Do You Choose A Product That Will Sell

Product Selection is vital because it is essentially the item you're going to market, and a terrible product despite lots of marketing campaign and enticing store designs would still fail simply due to the lack of demand for it.

What then makes a good product?

Uniqueness – A good product would be unique and stands out even if it serves the same function. Eg. Blackheads – A common method previously used would be using face masks or a blackhead remover tool to get rid of them. (It's like a tiny metal stick) A unique product that helps with removal of blackheads would be the vacuum blackhead remover. Although it serves the same function; it is cool, it is uncommon and it is in trend with the modern technological scheme.

Thus it would entice users upon first glance as they've never/hardly seen it. This would keep their interest at heart and eventually get them to check the product out on your store. (This would have to depend on how captivating your ad is as well)

It wouldn't be good to sell common products such as face masks or blackhead remover tools mainly because of high barriers to entry from established and trustworthy stores built over the years that are already selling such products. This gives you all the more reason to stray away from such products and market a unique one. Selling a unique product gives you a higher chance to market it due to lesser competition and be the face of the product due to its inaccessibility, which brings me to my next point.

Accessibility – Products that aren't easily accessible would be a better choice simply due to the fact that consumers won't be able to get it from their nearby convenient stores or sometimes even large established ones. If you're selling an item that can be found in general/convenient stores, consumers won't see the need to get it from your online store for many reasons.

- A physical presence of the product allows consumers to feel and look at it upfront and inspect it first before purchasing.

- The price would usually be cheaper at a physical store as they have to purchase items in bulk to store it. This decreases their average order value (AOV) which ultimately passes on into a lower cost for the product. Essentially the markup of the price would be much lesser compared to a dropshipper who only buys 1 item at a time. (He/She would have to markup the item quite abit to earn the difference in profit)

- If the item can be easily attained, the thought of having to purchase such an item online would NEVER cross their mind and they would dismiss any advertisements that pop up or hardly look it up themselves. Thus, selling items that aren't easily accessible narrows the platforms for consumers to search for it by default; which would eventually lead to internet/online shopping.

Helps/Solves an issue – Products that solves a problem would always be on demand by default. Because it helps, there will always be consumers who would want/need to buy it regardless of season, age or gender.

Not only would you be able to target a much larger audience with a product that solves a problem, you do not have to constantly change it along with the trend.

With all that being said, it is best to look for all these attributes when searching for a product and not to view them as separate checkboxes.

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