Aug 23 , 2019

Facebook Marketing Strategy (Starting Out)

In this blog, I'll go through the entire process of how you can use a simple and cost-effective facebook marketing strategy to increase your sales.

*Please skip step 1 & 2 if you're on a slightly tighter budget*

1) Advertisement

The step most people overlook when starting out is having a good advertising copy/material. Spend some time developing your advertisement because afterall this is what will catch your customers' attention and close 50% of the deal by showing them the benefits of your product and why they should get it.

However, DO NOT stop with one advertising copy, create a few - you don't have to create an entirely new one, just different perspective of the video; musicthumbnailfirst 3 seconds of the video and your captions are all very important aspects of a good product video. 

Simply create a few variations of the video so that you can test them. I would recommend having 3 starting out.

NOTE - Only change one variable at a time so that you'll be able to identify which aspect of the video is the one causing a increase/decrease in performance.

2) Testing Your Adverts

After you've created your adverts, you would want to test them in a PPE(Page-Post Engagement) campaign.

You'll run your ads in a PPE to E-Packet Countries or the big 4 consumerism countries (Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada), it'll be slightly more costly as compared to running your ads worldwide, however the data you'll be collecting would be quality data as it's from the countries which you ultimately will be targeting.

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The reasoning behind testing various ad copies is because you're not sure which one would appeal the best to your audience. You may feel that 1 out of the 3 would perform the best, however that is just an opinion and there's no factual data to back that up - Which leads to the testing phase where you can actually see tangible results from the data by testing your advertisements and seeing which one performs best and using the best one to your advantage.

You would also use the best performing ad for your other campaigns in the future. Of course, you can create adverts similar to it along the way knowing now which part of your ad was the one that appealed to the masses.

For your testing phase, each ad would be ran in an individual ad set so that you'll be better able to analyse the separate datas. Look out for metrics such as CPC/VC and the 95% VV (Video Views) - You would basically want to see which ad drives the most actions to your webpage as that would be a good indicator that the ad is doing well.

shopify facebook marketing

You can run them on a $5-10 budget depending on your own budget. Running $10/day would be sufficient as the data collected would be enough for you to examine which of the 3 is performing the best.

*You would want to create a separate PPE campaign for the best performing ad and continue running it until you have at least 1000~2000 95% VV.*

This is to have clear and separate campaigns for PPE - One for testing all the untested ads, the other for scaling and putting all the proven and good ads. You can name your campaigns "Testing PPE" & "Proven PPE".

*You would have 2 separate campaigns at this point, one for testing your new ad creatives and another for you to run your tested ads for PPE. Along the way as mentioned, you would want to create and test more variations of your ads so that you can showcase a variety to your audiences; preferably 2~4 overtime would be good.

This is to prevent ad fatigue. After having about 2~4 tested and proven ads, you would want to add them into other ad sets in your other campaigns which are currently only running 1 ad. (Add them into the same ad set, not new individual ones)

*If you have a tighter budget, skip straight to running your 1 video ad on your PPE Campaign til it hits 1000 ~ 2000 95% VV.*

 3) 95% VV LAA (Video Views Look-Alike Audiences)

The next step would be running your 95% VV LAA to E-packet countries or the big four countries as mentioned above. 

Just incase you're unsure what it means, the 95% VV represents the number of people who watched 95% duration of your video. So by running their LAA, Facebook's algorithm will target people who have similar demographics (Age,Gender,Interest) to the audiences that watched 95% as they have a higher chance of converting given that they stayed and watch almost the entire duration of your video rather than skipping it.

You can create the individual segments of the LAA from the 1%~5%, essentially creating 5 ad sets per country, OR for smaller countries with lesser population, you can divide it into 3 segments instead - 1%, 2%, 2%~5%.

You can also create the number of % and countries based on your OWN budget - how many ad sets you're able to spend and then allocating the amount. Recommended would be $5/adset. This is because it does get quite costly even if you're just targeting the big 4 countries; with 5 ad sets each, you'll end up with 20 and spending a $5/day budget would result in $100 ad spend a day. 

You can create LAAs under custom audiences.

As this is still the initial phase of testing, you would want to observe the data of your ad sets closely and kill off those that are under performing while duplicating the ones that are good.

A good gauge would be to observe your CPP (Cost Per Purchase). If you're spending more than 1.5x your CPP, it would be a good time to kill off your ad set, OR you could also look at the other metrics such as the CPC/VC/ATC and determine whether the targeted audience is good or bad.

4) Interest Targetting

When starting step 3, you would also want to launch 5-10 interest targeting simultaneously at the same time with the best performing ad. You would have have to do your due diligence and research what topics or interest would resonate with your product and test them. 

Create 2 separate campaigns for interest targetting. It will be operated the same way as it was with PPE; 1 for testing, and another for scaling in the future.

So you would constantly be testing new interests in your testing campaign overtime and then cycling the ones which have performed well into your scaling campaign. I would recommend to have about 5 Interest constantly running in your scaling campaign. Essentially you would duplicate the good performing ones into your scaling campaign with an increased budget. 

So whenever you have an interest that is doing well in your testing campaign, duplicate it into your scaling campaign and turn continue letting it run in your testing campaign until it dies out; then turn it off.

5) LLAs

After running both your 95% VV LAA and Interest targeting campaigns for a few days, you would have more than enough data to continue running other LAAs.

A recommendation would be to have at least a 100 of each individual LAA coming from a SINGLE country before running them. Of course, the more data you have before running LAA the more accurate and better quality audience you'll be able to find. So if you want to run LAAs for view content, have at least a 100 view content actions taken on your pixel from a single country first to ensure for a higher quality LAA and so on and so forth for any other LAAs such as 25% VTS/ATC/CHECKOUT/PURCHASE etc.

Continue scaling horizontally by testing new Interests, new countries for 95% VV and adjusting your demographics until you have enough data for other LAAs. Do not rush into it as it will affect your LAAs negatively when you run it with insufficient data for Facebook's algorithm to work with.

The same concept applies for LAAs, create a testing campaign and a scaling one and follow the exact steps, kill off bad ad sets and scale good ones. Remember to give it sufficient data before assessing whether its good or bad, too little data may render your judgement sometimes!


1) Test Ad Creatives in testing PPE campaign targetting E-packet/Big 4 countries

2) Take the good ad and duplicate it into your proven PPE Campaign running til about 1000~2000 95% VV.

3) Run LAA for 95% VV to big 4 countries divided by their segments (1%~5%). The %s means the closest characteristics/demographics facebook's algorithm will look for in other users, with 1% being the closest.

4) Run 5~10 Interest Targetting simultaneously when you run your 95% VV LAA targetting again either E-packet/Big 4 countries.

5) When you have enough data, you can start running other LAAs.

 Long Run

Overtime, continue cycling new ad creatives and testing new audiences. Scale the good ad sets with higher budgets or have them in a CBO campaign and let it run.

Starting out, this would be a good guideline to follow through; of course, make your own adjustments as you deem fit and if you have any questions or tips leave a comment below! Remember, even if you're losing money starting out, you're actually collecting data so that you can utilise it in the long run for a better outcome. It's much better than diving in blindly and rushing; sacrificing your long term gains for instant gratification by scooping a few sales here and there in random audience groups.

So don't worry too much about the initial loss as it's to build up for a stronger foundation in the long run!

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