Sep 01 , 2019

Creating Your Adverts With Inshot (Guide)

In this blog, I'll go through how you can create your advertising materials using a free app called 'Inshot' on your phone! 

This is more of a user manual to help speed up the process of understanding the various tools in the application so that you'll be able to spend more time improving your ad creatives instead of figuring out the tools.

*Disclaimer; It is a free app however you can get tons of extra features if you want to for just $17/Year

1) Trim

The first tool I'll be going through the cutting of your videos.


In Trim, you'll be able to trim/cut/split various videos and combine them together.

Trim - allows you to cut the front/back portion of a video out.

Cut - allows you to cut out portions of a video from the middle.


Split - what split does is that it allows you to add a divider in various sections of your videos. This is important because in between sections of your videos, you're able to add transition phases and fast forwards to that particular section. So if you only want a particular section to be faster or add a cool transition phase, you would want to split that particular portion of your video up.


The little 'forward slash' in between the videos is what happens when you add a split. Clicking on it would bring you to a plethora of transition phases you could use.


2) Canvas


Under Canvas, you're able to edit the frame of your videos to suit the social platform you'll be posting it on.

3) Filter

Filter is as per what it says, you're able to edit the lighting, effects and add different lenses to your videos here.

4) Music

Under music is where you're able to mute your current video's sound (If there's any) and add in a soundtrack. You can adjust and add a few soundtracks for different time frames as well.


You can add in tracks, sound effects or your own recording.


You can trim the duration of the sound track to match certain portions of your videos after choosing the soundtrack you want to use. This works the same for sound effects and recording too.


5) Sticker


You're able to use stickers from the app or your own images to add to certain parts of your videos here.

6) Text

The important feature I would consider in the app is the 'Text' tool. Being able to add visually pleasing and convincing captions to entice your audience is vital in a good advertisement.

  • Keyboard is where you type your captions
  • Rainbow Wheel is where you edit the aesthetics of your captions
  • Aa is where you select the fonts for your captions
  • The 3 circles is where you select the transition for your captions

We'll go through them in their respective orders


You'll be able to change the colour of your captions under the subtool text.


Next is border, which is the black outline as seen in the photo, you can select any colour you deem fit to match the colour of your captions here.


Followed by shadow, which is the subtle red outline here. It isn't really visible as my background is a pretty light colour now, but it is a cool feature to add to a dark themed video.


Lastly is label, which is the big blue background as seen. It represents the background for your captions.

And followed by opacity which is self-explanatory; you're able to control the transparency of your text here.

Next up is where you can edit your fonts.

Followed by the transition phases.


7) Speed

This is where you're able to increase/decrease the speed of your videos.


8) BG

Background refers tol the background photos that you can add in to use for your videos or photos in this case. This is usually only used for photos.

9) Reverse

Reverse basically flips your whole video backwards including your captions. As seen below the image is one that has been reversed.

10) Rotate

Rotate is basically what it says, you're able to rotate it North,South,East and West for the angle you want your video to be. As seen below, I rotated the video 180 degrees.


11) Flip

Flip allows you to have your whole video shown in an opposite parallel, your captions would not be affected in this case.

And that's it for the brief guide on all the various tools in the Inshot app. I highly recommend it as it basically has everything you would need in creating a good ad creative.

Drop a comment for anything you would want me to cover next!

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