Jun 03 , 2019

Basic Applications To Have In Your Store

I'll be going through some shopify applications that would be great to have in your store! They could boost your sales, increase your marketing campaign or improve the aesthetic design of your store! 

Apps to use for product integration

1) Oberlo

2) DSers

3) Importify

I'll recommend using DSers as they are able to process multiple orders at once. This would save you lots of time when you're scaling and getting a large number of orders per day.

Apps for product reviews

1) Ali Reviews

2) Loox Reviews

3) Product Reviews

4) Judgeme Reviews

5) Areviews

All of the review applications are amazing to use, they're simple to navigate, provide valuable integrations and allow customers to leave feedbacks too! You could test them out to see which platform you prefer the most, however they do require a monthly fee to operate. You could do with the free plan but you'll only have limited access to its features. I would say that a review application is necessary for social trust and is definitely a worthwhile fee that will pay off!

Apps for currency converter 

1) Auto Currency Switcher

2) BEST Currency Converter

3) Currency Converter Plus

4) Bold Multi-Currency

A currency converter is a must have in your store, especially when you're advertising to a plethora of countries. This allows your customers to see the prices in their own currency upfront instead of having them to do their own conversion. This might deter some customers from buying your products when it's actually more expensive than it appears to be.

Apps For Shipment Tracking 

1) Shippo

2) Shipway

3) Aftership

4) Tracktor

You can get this applications when you start to scale your store. Initally starting out, your suppliers would send you the tracking ID and website to go to when you place an order. (Use E-packet) You can then forward this in an email to your customers or in some cases will be done automatically for DSers. This integrations allow you to set up a widget in your store so that it'll be more professional in a sense that customers will be able to head to your store to track their orders instead of having to go to other tracking websites not integrated with your store.

Apps To Boost Sales 

1) Ultimate Sales Boost ( You can add countdown timers, trust badges, taglines and many more with this app ) However I would recommend to just add the important ones to prevent your store from looking too spamy. Too many icons/campaigns will also delay your loading speed so be meticulous with your choices!

2) In Cart Upsell ( You're able to upsell another product or an extra quantity with the same product at a cheaper price when customers reach your 'Add to cart' page )

3) Frequently bought together ( If you're selling more than 1 product, this allows you to recommend other products on your store to your customers. E.g. When customer's looking at X, they'll be recommend Y if they shown interest in X either by adding it to cart or clicking on the image. It can be an automatic display bar at the bottom page too; you can configure it how you want it to be ) 

4) Sales Notification ( It allows you to curate or show other users who've bought the item. E.g. 'Jane from USA just bought this 10 Mins ago'. This would help to build social trust, making your customers more inclined to buy the same product) 

5) Sticky Add to cart bar ( This would display an 'Add to cart' at the top of your page. This helps when customers are on your product page and is scrolling down to read descriptions or reviews and are too lazy to scroll back up. They can then simply click on the add to cart bar instead of scrolling back up to the top to add to their cart )

7) Discounted Pricing ( Allows you to set up discounts for buying more than 1 item. E.g. 'Buy 2 for 10% discount, Buy 3 for 15%'. This prompts customers at their checkout page too, reminding them that they are still eligible for additional discounts if they get an extra item )

These applications allow you to market different products or the same one with discounted pricing. This would entice your customers to get more than one product, increasing your average order value.

Apps To Assist Abandoned Carts 

1) Mailchimp ( Allows you to send email campaigns to new/existing customers who have added to their carts or purchased before )

2) Pushowl ( Recovers abandoned carts via web notifications )

3) Abandoned cart messenger by cartback ( Reminds abandoned cart users through Facebook messenger )

4) Consistent Cart ( Recovers abandoned check outs ) 

5) Klaviyo ( Abandoned checkouts and more, able to develop systematic sending )

Retargetting customers who have added to cart is very important as these people have expressed interest in your products already and may have just left it to attend to other matters first or forgotten about it. Thus all they need is a little push from you to complete their order.


With that, I hope this simple blog post helps you when you're starting out and need some advice on which apps to get for your store. Reminder that having too many unnecessary apps that slows down your webpage loading speed, so only download what you would need.

Feel free to explore the app store for other apps similar to the ones here if they do not fit your liking, there are tons of other great apps out there!

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