Jul 11 , 2019

3 Dropshipping Tips Regarding Your Product

As a dropshipper, you never really get to handle or see the product that you're selling. 

This puts you in a blind spot when you receive customer's feedbacks/reviews/complaints. So how are some ways you could deal with this?

1. Always plan ahead before starting your store. In your initial phase of product research, when you've decided on a product or a few, always make sure to order a sample for yourself. Why?

  • You'll be able to assess the quality of the product itself and check if this is what you really intend to sell (Quality of product is of eminence to ensure repeated customers and brand awareness through word of mouth)
  • You'll be able to write an in depth and accurate description of your product after testing it yourself. One of the most overlooked aspect in dropshipping is the copywriting of your description, and there's nothing better than testing the product yourself and being to write a description from the perspective of a customer.
  • You can create your own photos/videos advertising with your product sample; you can do it by yourself or collaborate with a friend. This saves you time and money when starting out as you do not have to seek out an extra service to create your advertisements.
  • You can constantly capture new images or videos of your product and upload it onto your various social media platforms to promote your product. (Lifestyle photos tend to work best) 
  • You'll be able to see the packaging of your product and plan ahead to let your supplier know if it's possible to remove any sort of descriptions or invoices that you do not need. (Some suppliers will kindly cooperate with you if you let them know that you're dropshipping and will ensure a long term business with them)

2. That brings me to my next point - When you're dropshipping with applications like Oberlo or Dsers. Make sure to edit your custom note and let your supplier know that you're dropshipping. 

For example, "As this is a dropshipping product, please do not include any invoices, brandings, receipts or promotions to ensure long term business thank you!"

This little note would go a long way as you do not want your customers to know that you're dropshipping or reselling another product from websites like Aliexpress. This would prompt them to head over to websites like that instead of buying from you. Also it helps keep your branding clean and professional by only including concise descriptions of your product.

3. Shipping services should always be E-Packet if possible.

In comparison with the other shipping methods offered, E-Packet is the most reliable and cost effective. Why?

  • On average, E-Packet shipping services cost less than $5 across all products, this still leaves you good margin for profits.
  • Unlike Aliexpress shipping method or Seller's shipping method which offers tracking as well, E-packet shipping is better due to it's amazing tracking feature which tracks the parcel from door-to-door. The other methods only track the parcel til the country's destination.
  • E-packet shipping speed is one of the fastest; sometimes it can be delivered in under a week to certain countries.

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